Self Levelling Trollies

Lifting and pushing heavy items around your premises will take it's toll on you or your work colleagues. In a world where proper manual handling is a must for any business. If your best practice is not up to scratch through training and the use of proper manual handling trollies, my sense is that you are Exposed!

"Proper Manual Handling Trollies"

Our range of self levelling trollies is vast and varied to help you chose the perfect self levelling trollies or some would say spring lift trollies.

You may have a strong interest in the type of castor for outside work. Your requirement could be to have a specific spring mechanisim to carry heavy loads while paying attention to easy manoeuvrability for the user.

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Spring Lift Trolley

All of our trollies are made to order in accordance with your particular requirements.

Our range of internal sizes trolley are as follows: 

585 x 430 x 560mms 1015 x 710 x 635mms 1370 x 710 x 685mms
610 x 610 x 610mms 1115 x 710 x 710mms 1450 x 915 x 735mms
865 x 430 x 700mms 1220 x 610 x 810mms 1220 x 915 x 810mms
890 x 610 x 660mms    

 We can offer you a wide range of castors to suit your particular application.  Our plastic is a heavy duty plastic polyproplene with a variety of colours.