Edlund Can Openers

Opening Cans Can Be Hard Without The Right Tools

More and more canned ingredients are being used on a daily basis in restaurant kitchens throughout Ireland. These heavy duty tins put more demands on your staff to open and to handle.

As staff numbers are constantly tight, heavy duty tools are being considered to give staff the ability to do their work quickly and less arduous.

Opening large catering cans can take it's toll on staff members hand, wrists and arms resulting possible manual handling issues. If you feel exposed in this area of food preparation and you would like more information on our heavy duty can openers, please give call Ollie on 087 2691014


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Each business has their own way of food production, some are high volume producers and some are small producers. The Edlund range of can openers is vast and varied to cater for the strange and wonderful requirements that our customers would have.

Requirements can range from hand-held to table mounted to air powered opened can openers. The Edlund range is known for is heavy duty robust product range that will deliver to you for many many years.