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I nearly got fired from Dunnes Stores!

Many, many years ago, I worked for Dunnes Stores in Cornelscourt.
One particular day, I was asked to restock the frozen food section with frozen packets of vegetables. So I went into the back up freezer and committed the sackable offence by climbing over boxes of product on pallets to get to the required stock.

"Get Down you stupid B****X!" my boss shouted, " You're damaging all the effing stuff" He was right, there's me putting my size 13's into pizza boxes, beef burgers and petit pois.

Fast forward 25 years, I was asked come up with a design to maximise all the space within a large freezer for a Dunnes Stores in the Mid West. Having remembered the verbal guidance that I had received. This was the result!

If you are overloaded with frozen bread boxes, french fries, frozen beef, fish or even desserts and would like a simple solution, please ...

New Site

Welcome to our new Cold Room Shelving website and so much more!

Yes, as the Internet world is constantly evolving, we found that our old website though very informative to our visitors, it needed to be updated especially for mobile phone users.

Our old website was not mobile friendly thus creating a bad visitor experience. Our visitors expect our website to be easy to navigate and to be quick to use. I think we have achieved a better user experience, you might let us know if you are enjoying our website but more importantly if you are not enjoying this site, could you let us know? Email me on  read more

Flour Bins

Flour bins are one the most popular storage bins in the pastry section of commercial kitchen.


They are many, many different types of flours bins to choose from. The main reason we have such a range is to offer you a choice. The need for this range is very much dependant on the following:

  1. The volumne of flour / product to be stored
  2. How many flour bins that need to be stored?
  3. Will the size of the flour bin be too big in the pastry section?
  4. Do you need these bins to be colour coded?
  5. read more
Plastic Containers to Store your Fruit and Vegetables!

Plastic Containers to Store your Fruit and Vegetables!

Me Bleedin' Veggies are only sweatin'!"

"Ya Wha!"

I met with a good customer of my recently, she hails from Liberties and whose humor and speed of thought is a sharp as butchers boning knife.
I says to her " what wrong with you?"

She says " Business is very good, thanks to the lord god almighty and you know how small my cold room is" I says "I do"

She says " I have cardboard boxes of veg and salad product everywhere, I think they're breedin in dat cold room!". " ...

Top 3 Resources to make decisions during Covid 19 Times!

Top 3 Resources to help you make Business Decisions for your Catering Business during these Covid 19 Times!

We are a week into this Twilight Zone that nobody has ever experienced before!

It is testing each and every one of us to our core. Who would have thought that waking up one morning and finding that you have no customers and more interestingly your competitors have no customers either, especially when you have done nothing wrong.

Each morning we go into our bathroom to wash our face, shave or put on lipstick and look at ourselves. Nobody except you knows what the "look back at you" really means.

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